Filorga Time-Filler Mat care Perfector 50ml

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care anti-wrinkle and concealer for the pores dilated.

Manufacturer: Filorga

SKU: 6078322 Filorga Time-Filler Mat care Perfector 50 ml


Time Filler mast, Filorga laboratories acts on three levels :

  • It relaxes wrinkles of contraction: Time filler Mat contains a tripeptide Botox to block the acetylcholine receptors that are responsible for muscle contractions. When the muscle relaxes, wrinkles fade.

  • It fills wrinkles of digging: Time filler Mat acts on these rides often accented by a plan or when you are thin and give the face a tired. This treatment combines 53 ingredients stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

  • It plumps wrinkles for defatting: Time filler mast carries an action on these wrinkles that are positioned around the eyes, on the cheeks as well as on the front. This treatment combines its formula hyaluronic acid of vitamin E, which allows a deeper penetration of the actives, therefore more targeted at the DermIS level.

  • Pores are reduced by the assets of this treatment, the imperfections are blurred, skin looks more smooth.

Time filler Mat represents the solution to combat the signs of age and aging of the skin. It is particularly effective on the mixed skins with shine and the pores dilated areas.

shares of Filorga Time Filler mast:

  • Wrinkles: deal with all types of wrinkles (expression, digging and drying) in directly inspired by the combined therapies that combine, in clinic, injections, meso and peeling.
  • Pore: a powerful active reduces the size of the pores as of 14 days while dealing with skin imperfections. In parallel, soft focus floutent immediately the pores and smooth skin texture.
  • Shine: a complex ultra-matifying controls shine throughout the day.

From the first day, the complexion is duller, the pores are blurred. After 28 days, the wrinkles are reduced, skin imperfections are corrected and refined skin texture

operating tips:

apply in daily skincare morning and/or evening, doing enter through a light massage.



Number of reviews : 24
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M. Sandrine
  the 28/02/2016
5/ 5
Good product to combat shine