Filorga Time Filler Eyes 15ml

Time filler eyes youth and shine at glance.
Manufacturer: Filorga
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SKU 9752279 Filorga Time Filler Eyes 15 ml


Time Filler Eyes is a corrective care inspired by medical techniques to open and rejuvenate the look

  • A botox-like assets associated with a potent peptide, relaxes the features and smooth the skin from the inside. And wrinkles fade.
  • Its complex lifting fight against the relaxation of the upper eyelids. In parallel a matrikine promotes the eyelash density.
  • Filling spheres Act on hollow ring.
  • A plant complex couple has assets peeling-like fade dark circles colores.

day after day your eyes found youth and radiance. Wrinkles and dark circles disappear, the strokes are smooth and bright look.

operating Time Filler Eyes tips:

Apply in daily skincare morning and/or evening. A small quantity is sufficient.
gently tap on the whole of the contour of the eye without forgetting the upper eyelid and the base of the eyelashes.

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