Filorga Time-Filler cream absolute Correction wrinkles 50ml

Time-Filler is a powerful anti-wrinkle care against the signs of aging.
Manufacturer: Filorga
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SKU 5204500 Filorga Time-Filler cream absolute Correction wrinkles 50ml


Time-Filler is a corrective care of Filorga laboratories, its action retracts the wrinkles.
directly inspired by the combined Therapies, Filorga Time-Filler, several filler-like effect: height, botox-like: smooth, meso-like: plumps, peeling-like: clears, it acts on all parameters of wrinkles simultaneously:

  • Relaxes wrinkles of contraction
  • Fills wrinkles creuseument
  • Plumps wrinkles of dryness

Texture gel, ultra-fresh and elastic Time-filler instantly penetrates into the skin to make surface a velvet appearance for softness infinite.
soft-focus pigments sprinkled in the formula floutent instantly irregularities of the terrain, time care to take the relay in depth.
restored deep skin smooth surface and gains in freshness. Traits are dfatiguent, to soften for a relaxed face and rested

Actions Time - Filler Filorga:

  • Tripeptide botox-like: blocks the receptors for acetylcholine, responsible for muscle contraction. The muscle is released and the ride fades gradually

  • Matrixyl synth 6: which stimulates the synthesis of 6 major components of the skin matrix.

  • An asset to retinol-like effect: great straightener of relief.

  • The famous NCTF cell booster ingredients.

  • Complex of hyaluronic acid for deeper penetration and therefore more targeted at the level of the dermis, associated with vitamin E antioxidant.

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