Filorga Sleep-Recover balm Anti-Fatigue night 50ml

Sleep-Recover erases signs of fatigue and restores radiance to the skin.

Manufacturer: Filorga

SKU: 5449733 Filorga Sleep-Recover balm Anti-Fatigue night 50ml


A night balm anti-fatigue which deals during sleep all signs of fatigue skin, simultaneously in 4 actions:

  • It reduces drawn, marked dark circles and the lack of radiance, with a whole new asset anti-fatigue extract of silk tree.
  • It decongests features Puffy, swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes, via an extract from Brown to India although dosed.
  • It fixes wrinkles of fatigue and tension, thanks to an active restructuring dermal.
  • It strengthens the skin, so signs of fatigue can more print permanently, thanks to the complex poly-revitalising nctf .

first wake up, signs of fatigue are fading, the skin is plumped, fresh and rested. Over applications, the skin is luminous, regenerated and strengthened in depth, traits are re-resculpted.