Filorga Neocica care repair universal 40ml

Neocica is a restorative treatment for skin injuries.

Manufacturer: Filorga

SKU: 5369514 Filorga Neocica care repair universal 40 ml


Repairer Filorga laboratories universal care is suitable for all skin irritations of everyday life and is ideal for post laser, peeling, injections. This restorative treatment is a real skin dressing, it associates :

  • A precursor peptide of collagen and mimosa tenuiflora for promoting epidermal reconstruction.
  • An exclusive cocktail of anti-inflammatory (corn and Brown algae) to soothe irritated.

The skin repair process is enabled, the irritation subsided. The skin regenerates and recovers its original appearance. Neocica is ideal for soothing sunburn, Burns, chapped skin, small lesions.

operating Filorga Neocica care repair tips:

Apply the care by tapping on the area to be treated.