Filorga Hyal-Defence Serum 30ml protector

Serum that preserves your skin hyaluronic acid.
Manufacturer: Filorga
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SKU 9808933 Filorga Hyal-Defence Serum 30 ml protector


Hyal-Defence of Filorga laboratories is a serum rich in hyaluronic acid, active naturally present in the skin.

This treatment consists of an original combination of ingredients for a triple action on hyaluronic acid:

  • Action anti-hyaluronidase: centaury extract inhibits the activity of hyaluronidase, enzyme that degrades gradually hyaluronic acid, the DermIS essential molecule.

  • Action Anti-radicalaire: an antioxidant cocktail protects the Hyaluronan against oxidation and free radicals attack, due particularly to the UV and pollution.

  • Action filling: derived from sugar, combined assets at NCTF, ingredient the Cosmesotherapie lighthouse, promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, of fibres of elastin and collagen endogenous.

Hyal - Defence Serum protector Filorga operating tips:

apply in daily care, morning and evening, before day and/or night cream
also relays injections of fillers, to extend its duration and maximize the effects.
press the airless pump to deliver a dose of serum Hyal-Defence.

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