Filorga BB-Perfect complexion 01 Beige 30ml light cream

SKU: 5365580 Filorga BB-Perfect complexion 01 Beige 30 ml light cream


Filorga laboratories give BB cream all its medical-aesthetic dimension and creates careful Perfector combining in a gesture all the key stages of your beauty ritual, care to makeup. BB-Perfect has many benefits to your skin:

  • A powerful moisturizing action:

Hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight, capable of holding up to 1000 times its weight in water, ensures a perfect hydration skin. from the first application, the hydration rate is boosted by + 36%.

  • Action restorative anti-aging

Wrinkles and scars are very close on the physiological level: there is in both cases a lack of substance in the dermis. This BB cream contains a powerful Activator active of the mechanisms of healing of the skin. This treatment also prevents the skin photoaging with an index of protection SPF 15

  • An extreme anti-reddening action:

Micro-inammations caused by oxidative stress (generated by UV, overuse, pollution, and tobacco), result in redness, localized sensations of tugging and play a key role in the appearance of the spots. Filorga has integrated into its formula a powerful active complex that soothes, desensitizes and ringing the fragile and irritated skins.

  • Action correctrive

Soft-focus Pearl and pigments last generation allow coverage while transparency, to maintain natural skin texture and shine. The perfection of a dyed zero-defect optimized, without wrappers.