Femilyane Physio fluid softness 400ml

Femilyane Physio is a care washing Protector for hygiene of mucous membranes sujettent and sensitive to irritations.
Manufacturer: Bailleul Biorga


SKU 4605444 Femilyane Physio fluid softness 400 ml


Femilyane Physio pH 5.5 is a protective fluid for personal hygiene. It allows you to wash gently, without irritation, while respecting the physiological balance of the vaginal mucosa and now the protective natural acidity of the vaginal flora. This treatment is ideal for women sujettent to irritation of the mucous membranes.

Occasional itching sensations are thus lessened. it soothes and respected the balance of the vaginal flora. Pleasantly fragrant, it forms a beautiful foam when the toilet and a sensation of freshness and comfort.

Femilyane Physio 400 ml operating tips:

daily use externally, as a SOAP liquid.
rinses easily with warm water. If the itching persists ask advice to your doctor.

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