Femidom female condom box of 3

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SKU: 4206862 Femidom female condom box of 3


The female condom, is freedom for women decide to take in charge and control prevention and their health.

It offers women and men an additional choice to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections including HIV and prevent unwanted pregnancies. He married the vaginal wall and does not compress the penis.

It forms a barrier between the penis and the vagina, the cervix and external bodies, thus providing additional protection.

It is resistant, hypoallergenic and, unlike latex products, it may well be used with based lubricants water than lubricants containing fats.

It maybe set up 8 hours prior to sexual intercourse.

It is not necessary to remove it immediately after ejaculation. It is disposable


transparent nitrile sleeve with an outer ring welded nitrile and a free inner ring in polyurethane. lubricated: silicone-based lubricant. Dimensions: length (mm): 163-183 nominal width (mm): average 76-83 thickness (): 65 - 85. Packing: cases carton cellophanne containing 3 condoms. Notice carefully read before use.

This class IIb medical device is a product of health regulated that leads to the title of this regulation, the CE marking.



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H. Dominique
  the 08/01/2018
5/ 5
Bon produit.
L. Anne elisabeth
  the 18/09/2017
5/ 5
pas mal, surprenant quand on le déballe!
L. Pascal
  the 05/07/2017
5/ 5
tres solid e mieux que le preservatif masculin
A. Marie
  the 08/02/2017
4/ 5
C. Catherine
  the 25/07/2014
3/ 5
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