Femibion 2 pregnancy 30 tablets + 30 capsules

Food supplement which contributes to the smooth pregnancy.
Manufacturer: Bion


SKU 4777949 Femibion 2 pregnancy 30 pills 30 capsules

Femibion 2 is a dietary supplement designed to meet the nutritional requirements specific to pregnant women and lactating.
Femibion pregnancy brings :
-folate in two forms: folic acid and Metafolin, involved in the cell division
-DHA, essential fatty acid that helps to balance emotional.
-vitamins of Group B (B1, B2, B5 (, B6, and B12), vitamins C and E, necessary for the proper conduct of the pregnancy.
-Of the Iodine for a good for the sector thyroid.

operating tips:
from the 4th month of pregnancy up to the end of lactation, at the rate of one tablet and a capsule a day with a glass of water.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


Keep out of reach of young children.

This food supplement nutrient-based substitutes not to a varied, balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

This food supplement is not a drug.

Do not use in case of hyperthyroidism, and hyperparathyroidism due to the presence of iodine.

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