Expuryl 60 capsules

Food supplement based on artichoke, dandelion, black currant, turmeric, green tea and chromium.

Manufacturer: Codifra

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SKU: 7848762 Expuryl 60 capsules


Expuryl is a dietary supplement that contains:

  • artichoke participates in intestinal comfort and facilitates digestion,

  • artichoke, turmeric and dandelion contribute to the maintenance of a normal liver function

  • dandelion, artichoke, black currant and green tea contribute to the maintenance of a normal renal elimination

  • green tea helps in the maintenance of a normal, lipid metabolism

  • chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal glucose control.


Cassis fruit dry extract: 125 mg dry extract d "artichoke: 90 mg dry extract of dandelion (leaf): 83 mg dry extract of green tea: 54 mg turmeric extract: 7 mg chromium element (form HYPRO ): 12.5 mcg.


operating tips:

1 to 2 capsules per day to be taken preferably at mealtime.

  • when slimming regime

  • as an accompaniment during premenstrual syndrome

  • in case of difficult digestion and digestive bloat

  • as an accompaniment and after sporting efforts.