Expert 123 Spray lice and slow 200ml

SKU: 2019357 expert 123 Spray lice and slow 200ml


Expert 123 lice is a repellent spray, effective on lice. This spray also removes nits and larvae remaining on leather scalp. it is the first application in just 15 minutes. A comb is provided to eliminate most faciliment dead lice and nits from the hair.

Without insecticides, it does not damage the hair and acts by asphyxia on lice.

Its spray facilitates the use of the lice and allows a homogeneous diffusion of the assets, odorless.

Tips for using Expert 123 lice and nits:

  • Cover the shoulders with a towel
  • spray the product at 10 cm of the scalp, dry hair.
  • Let stand 15 min
  • Pass the comb to remove lice and nits
  • Wash the hair with your usual shampoo
  • Iron the peingne in the hair to remove the last residue before you dry hair.