Expert 123 Cryostylo warts hands and feet


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Cryostylo Expert 1.2.3 is a medical device to eliminate the warts of the feet and hands in the adult and children from 4 years. This cryostylo has technology Polestar, a new method of cryotherapy (cold therapy), offering greater efficiency comparable to professional treatment. Warts are removed through the cold. easy to use, Cryostylo freezes the wart as well as its roots in a precise manner without damaging healthy skin from the edge.

Cryostylo allows to 18 treatments.

Cryostylo warts feet and hands operating tips:

Remove the CAP and place the device on a flat surface.

Turn the nozzle, push 3 seconds.

Apply the Cryostylo 20 seconds for a wart on the hand and 40 seconds for a wart on the feet.

After use, replace the nozzle in its initial position