Exacto Uritop 10 urine test strips box of 50

SKU: 4562947 exacto Uritop urinary strips


the test strips urinary Uritop clinical orientation exacto allow screening urinary multi-parameter. Earnings per color Visual reading. Controls 10 parameters: urobilinogen, glucose, bilirubin, ketone bodies, density, blood, pH, protein, nitrite,. leukocytes Conservation at room temperature. Do not touch the Strip test areas. Wait 60 seconds before reading the result.

Indications of Exacto Uritop urinary strips:

Uritop provides essential information on the metabolism of carbohydrate (Glucose), proteins, blood, urinary tract urinary tract infections ( Nitrites, leukocytes, density), the abnormal metabolism ( ketone bodies) and renal functions, the diseases liver ( bilirubin, urobilinogen) and urinary pH in addition to the other parameters.