Exacto Test Urinary Tract Infections 3 Tests

Allows to control 4 parameters in the urine: Leucocytes, Nitrites, blood, protein

Manufacturer: Exacto

SKU: 6005659 Exacto Test Urinary Tract Infections 3 Tests


Equipment necessary for the realization of the test : Sheet of paper wipes everything, a cup clean and dry without traces of detergents or antiseptics, a watch with a second hand. reading the results is done by comparison of the strip with the color scale provided.


  • collect the first urine of the morning in the Cup, after removal of the first jet
  • out a strip from its foil pouch
  • immediately insert the Strip in the urine up to half to cover all reactive areas
  • out the Strip immediately and note the time
  • off excess of urine by lightly tapping the Strip on the edge of the Cup
  • lay the Strip horizontally on the sheet of paper towel all , hotspots on top


  • 3 aluminium sachets each containing 1 test and 1 desiccant pouch Sling
  • 1 instructions
  • 1 color scale