Exacto blood pressure monitor Automatic wrist

The Tensiometer Exacto is easy to use and gives an accurate measurement of the blood pressure.
Manufacturer: Exacto


SKU 4663387 Exacto blood pressure monitor Automatic wrist


the Wrist blood pressure monitor automatic Exacto laboratories to obtain accurate measurements of blood pressure. The voltage is measured automatically by oscillometric method. Display shows the category where the tension of the user (the voltage according to the who classification), date, time, pulse, the presence or absence of arrhythmia. This automatic blood pressure monitor is guaranteed for 2 years and has a clinical validation (recording AFSSAPS/CE0197). Its hard case will allow you to prevail everywhere on all your travels.

simple and practical, this device allows many people with certain heart arrhythmias to measure precise values. Very important also for people who want to control their blood daily.

Tips for using Exacto blood pressure monitor Automatic wrist:

  • take its voltage always at the same time, as our blood pressure varies approximately 100000 times per day.
  • do not smoke or drink coffee in the time preceding the measurement.
  • take its voltage after two or three minutes of rest in sitting and relaxed.
  • not to take its voltage having a strong urge to urinate.
  • keep the cuff at height of the heart during measurement.
  • do not move and do not talk during the measurement.
  • wait at least one minute between two consecutive measurements.

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