Evian spray 300ml

Moisturizes, refreshes and tones the skin of the whole family
Manufacturer: Evian
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SKU 7203723 Evian spray 300 ml

Properties Evian mist:

Evian mist brings your skin a sensation of freshness, your skin is soothed. Pure water from evian also allows you to naturally moisturize your skin. Regular use allows the maintenance of hydration and also the antidessechement due to external conditions to which your skin is exposed every day.

This water is also very well suitable for baby, who has also need as his skin is moisturized, soft and refreshes. Easy to use, it can be applied at the time of the Exchange but also simply to cool.

Evian mist fixed make-up. It can also give you a makeup perfect through the mist. You will get a complexion unified with ultra-naturel rendering.

Evian fogger operating tips:

use throughout the day with the whole family as soon as this is necessary or if a need suffers.

All skin types.

Ideal for hydration, refreshment, the make-up.

composition Evian mist:

thermal mineral water Evian












pH = 7.2

dry residue

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