Eucerin PH5 shower sensitive skin oil refill 400ml

SKU: 9672244 Eucerin pH5 oil of shower skin sensitive charging 400 ml

Description: SOAP-free and enriched in lipid shower oil respects the hydrolipidic film and prevents dehydration. Soft citrate buffer and extra cleansing agents association protects the natural enzymes of the skin and strengthens its barrier protective. creamy, this oil is transformed into a fine foam in contact with water and cleans the skin while softness. slippery slush application, non-greasy texture leaves a protective veil very light and satin on the skin and provides the skin comfort and flexibility. pH5 is a comprehensive hygiene and care for sensitive skin of the body. Care products which enjoy an exclusive innovation :-complex patented pH5 Enzyme Protection which stimulates the activity of trypsin, protective enzyme naturally present in the skin. -trypsin, whose efficiency is optimal in Middle acid (pH5), help to ensure good renewal of the upper layers of the epidermis. for daily hygiene of sensitive and aggressed skins , the shower oil pH5 combines a moisturizing action, relipidante and protective of the natural defences of the skin.