Eucerin DermoDensifyer night cream 50ml


SKU 4785914 Eucerin Dermodensifyer night cream 50ml


Dermodensifyer is a range of two aging care (day and night) aimed at women from 50 years to redensify the skin of the face.


True moisturising treatment, DermoDensifyer Day light formula penetrates quickly and leaves the skin pleasantly silky.

Enriched SPF 15 and UVA protection, it prevents the appearance of stains pigment.


-Apiaceae Peptides reviving the structure of connective tissue by stimulating cellular metabolism of fibroblasts.

-the arctiine activates the synthesis of procollagen.

results :

After 4 weeks, the skin is plumped, it finds its elasticity and all its brightness.

operating tips:

Apply anti-aging on the face, neck and dcollet.

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