Eucerin DermoDensifyer eyes and lips 15ml

Significant deep eye contour wrinkle reduction and wrinkles of the contour of the mouth
Manufacturer: Eucerin
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SKU 4805462 Eucerin Dermodensifyer eyes and lips 15 ml

Care eyes/lips

with 10000 blinks of eyes by day, these are all these facial expressions which embody and express the beauty of women. It is also at the heart of the areas of the contour of eyes and lips, where the skin is thinnest and most delicate; that wrinkles settle and grow.

searching of the Eucerin dermatological laboratories now offers to women, from the age of 50, an innovation that completes its range of DermoDensifyer: DermoDensifyer around the eyes and lips. A new concentration of assets for a care targeted that smooth, redensifies and strengthens the density and elasticity of the contour of eyes and lips.


Apiaceae Peptides: molecules, extracted from the fruits of anise green, they reactivate the structure of connective tissue by stimulating cellular metabolism of fibroblasts.

the arctiine: natural plant active extract of the fruits of the burdock, it stimulates the synthesis of type I procollagen

Acid Hyaluronqiue: combining this lighthouse molecule, whose virtues have already conquered the professionals such as women, Eucerin thus reinforces the action of his eye and lip contour care to act actively on deep wrinkles, for smooth and restore the skin all its volume.

results :

A significant decrease of the deep wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles of the contour of the mouth as soon as six weeks.

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