Eucerin care stretch 125ml oil

Prevention and treatment of stretch mark. pregnancy, weight variations.

Manufacturer: Eucerin



SKU: 4510896 Eucerin care stretch 125 ml oil


Specially developed for the needs of sensitive skin - even during the pregnancy. penetrates quickly and leaves a pleasant perfume on the skin. care oil is composed of a variety of natural oils with high content of essential fatty acids: seeds of sunflower, jojoba and almond. in addition, it contains vitamin E, a potent free radical scavenging agent. The oil is easy to spread and, thanks to regular massages, blood circulation is stimulated and enhanced skin elasticity.

Result: stretch marks are significantly reduced. The skin is soft, supple and silky


Prevention and treatment of the stretch marks. pregnancy, weight variations.

operating tips:

apply 2 times daily on affected areas, massage by circular movements until complete absorption.