Eucerin AtopiControl Emollient body calming 400ml

Bodycare for skin sujettent to the scratching and redness.
Manufacturer: Eucerin


SKU: 4137115 Eucerin AtopiControl Emollient body calming 400 ml


AtopiControl is the daily care of skin dry sujettent redness and itching. this body treatment soothes and calms the irritation of the skin. without paraben, fragrance or dye formula limits the risks of allergies. its effectiveness is clinically proven on atopic skin. rich in omega 6 it moisturizes the skin and it soothes, extract of licorice relipide your skin. Nourishes and calmed down, she regains all its flexibility.

AtopiControl Emollient body operating tips:

apply 1 to 2 times per day or as often as necessary.