Eucerin AtopiControl Emollient body calming 250ml

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Emollient calming body decreases the sensation of tightness and itching.

Manufacturer: Eucerin

SKU: 4676131 Eucerin AtopiControl Emollient body calming 250 ml

description: synergistic association of the two active breaks the vicious circle of the dermatitis atopic. licochalcone, active exclusive, offers a triple antibacterial, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory action on the main symptoms of the disease. omega-6 restore the skin barrier by correcting the deficiency of essential fatty acids and thus reducing skin colonization by Staphylococcus aureus of the aggravation of dermatitis. clinical studies showed a significant decrease redness and itching, and the transepidermal water loss. Dosage optimum and high tolerance. Complete solution for the whole family, including infants. operating Mode: oil-bath omega 20% cleans gently, calm and reduces dry skin. the Emollient body calming E/H omega 12% decreases the sensation of tightness and itching. The E/H omega 12% carbohydrate soothing face cream soothes and reduces redness. Presentations : Bottle 200 ml oil-bath. Bottle 250 ml emollient body. Tube 50 ml face cream



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C. Julien
  the 14/04/2018
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B. Hélène
  the 24/01/2018
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très efficace
V. Sophie
  the 20/10/2017
4/ 5
Bon produit
P. Martine
  the 14/08/2016
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tres bien
M. Anisa
  the 05/06/2016
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