Etixx Performance Ginseng & Guarana Energy Gel 50g red Fruits taste

Red fruit-base gel from ginseng and red fruit to bring a boost before the effort.
Manufacturer: Etixx
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SKU 2094535 Etixx Ginseng & Guarana Energy Gel 50 g red Fruits taste Performance


Etixx has designed especially for athletes before and during the effort Energy Gel with ginseng, guarana, plants, taurine and vitamin C.

Vitamin C contributes to normal energy metabolism.

The red fruit-flavoured gel is very convenient to bring a boost before the effort.

Your performance will thus be improved.


Performance before and during the effort.

operating tips

Before the exercise take a stick.

During the training or competition, take 1 to 2 bags per hour of effort.


Sugar 32 g syrup (Dextrose Sucrose Maltose 6%, other 55% 19% 20%), water, Dextrose 6 g, fluid extract of Ginseng root (Panax Ginseng), fluid extract of seeds of Guarana (Paullinia Cupana), Taurine, curator: Sorbate of Potassium, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), aromas gooseberry and cherry.

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