Etixx Endurance Isotonic 1 kg

isotonic drink at neutral pH
Manufacturer: Etixx


SKU 2094527 Etixx Endurance Isotonic 1 Kg


This isotonic drink helps during prolonged workouts to maintain the performance of endurance, noatmment grpace the carbohydrate and electrolytes.


For sports.

operating tips

Dilute 2 doses (35g powder) in 500ml of water.

composition for 35 g powder

Sucrose 15.8 g - Dextrose 9.8 g - Fructose 3.5 g - potassium Phosphate - maltodextrin 1 g - acidity regulators: citric acid - Malic acid - aroma - sodium chloride - Citrate of magnesium - bulking Agent: Carbonate of calcium - dye: Beta carotene - manganese Citrate.

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