Etiaxil Dtranspirant feet 100ml normal skin


SKU: 6389619 Etiaxil Dtranspirant feet 100ml normal skin

Description: Detranspirante deodorant Lotion, with its action sudoregulatrice. for controlling excessive sweating without blocking the natural process. It also prevents the formation of annoying odor. fragrance free.

formula: aluminum chloride hexahydrate 25% Dimethicone copolyol Ethanol qsp 100%

operating tips: apply in the evening before sunset on a healthy skin perfectly clean and dry. dry air free. early in treatment, apply 2 night on per week, for about 15 days to 1 month. Then depending on the result, reduce the frequency of applications to 1 night on 3, then 1 night on 4, then 1 night per week.