Ergonomic Birape Willow leaf

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Briape Willow leaf thick grained.

Manufacturer: Feuille de Saule



SKU: 2032530 ergonomic Birape Willow leaf


Rape double sided consisting of:

  • a long, flat handle transparent plastic, ergonomic shape, equipped with a small hole offering the possibility of suspending the grater with a hook.
  • a door head grater with 2 sides to 2 textures in real ceramic stone: on one side, thick grain, used for the feet and heels / on the other side, fine grain, used to the knees and elbows.

Total length: 20cm

utilisationFeuille of willow Birape ergonomic advice

Can be used on wet or dry skin. Raper calluses up to what the skin regains suppleness and softness.

Use deprecated on delicate or irritated skin areas.