Erborian-Yuza Sorbet day 50ml

Yuza sorbet day is a MicroEmulsion for intense hydration.

Manufacturer: Erborian

SKU: 4207962 Erborian Yuza Sorbet day 50ml

Based on traditional Korean herbal science, care erborian products are champions. anti-fatigue


Yuza Sorbet day is rich in vital elements tremendiously and reinforces the skin with its dose daily of anti-oxidants and vitamins, conveyed in the heart of the epidermis.

Is a delicious MicroEmulsion which quenches the skin immediately and intensely. In addition, it acts as an envelope to protect the skin barrier and prevent the skin aging.

using Yuza Sorbet day advice:

Apply every morning. Excellent makeup base.


YUZU: concentrated antioxidants naturally anti-fatigue.

Plum Green: activates microcirculation.

LICORICE: anti-inflammatory, protects against free radicals.


50 ml jar