Erborian sponge natural Konjac

Sponge Konjac natural for a thorough cleaning of the skin.
Manufacturer: Erborian


SKU: 3924108 Erborian sponge natural Konjac


Laboratory Erborian is inspired by Korean traditional beauty methods for the beauty of your skin.

The sponge Konjac, an Asian plant. It is used for a long time in Korea for the cleaning of the face and body. the Konjac natural sponge helps to stimulate the microcirculation with the associated massage. So the skin is purified, cleaned thoroughly, she finds all its brilliance.


Sponge cleaning. Suitable for all skin types.

operating tips

Moisten the sponge, allow to soak up water. Then apply directly on the face by gentle circular movements.


Konjac fibre