Erborian sponge Dxxx to the bamboo coal

Sponge Konjac to the bamboo coal gently exfoliates and has an effect mattifying.

Manufacturer: Erborian

SKU: 3924119 Erborian sponge Dxxx to the bamboo coal


Erborian is inspired by Korean beauty methods and offers innovative care tailored to your needs.

Konjac is an Asian plant, it is used for a long time in Korea for the cleaning of the face and the body. the sponge Konjac bamboo charcoal Erborian consists of Konjac, known for its cleansing properties, and charcoal of bamboo, known for its matifying properties.


Matifying and konjac, exfoliating sponge.

operating tips

Allow the sponge to soak up water until she finds her fluffy. Wring gently then massage gently in circles on the face and body. Rinse after use and dry the air free


Konjac fiber, bamboo charcoal.