Erborian mask Korean box of 3

SKU: 0197402 Erborian Masque Coren Boite De 3


This super moisturizing mask is ingenious, practical, portable and fun.

Just pour a little lotion Herbal Energy on a bead in the Palm of the hand to see literally to inflate and unfold to create a fabric Ultra-Moisturizing mask which is applied on the face for 10 minutes.

Lotion contains a cocktail of powerful ingredients including ginseng, ginger, ginkgo biloba to the invigorating and anti-fatigue powers as well as several medicinal herbs used for hundreds of years for their virtues of longevity.

directions for use:

For use with Herbal Energy Lotion 30%:

1 - soak the mask Energy lotion 30%

2 - fold the mask and lay it face

3 - leave 10 minutes, do not rinse.


3 tablets-masks