Erborian BB Flash essence 30ml

bb flash gas is a serum for an immediate radiance and tensor effect.
Manufacturer: Erborian
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SKU 6321550 Erborian BB Flash essence 30 ml


Bb flash gas is inspired by the best of Korean tradition and Korean Hi-Tech.

This radiance serum offers as an immediate tensor effect to your face: in a texture gel Pearl, luxuriously light, our unique formula in concentrates of assets, helps smooth the skin. Your skin is supple, soft and bright velvety touch.

Erborian BB Flash operating tips:

To use alone or before your daily care, morning and evening. Alternatively, you can use it with your CC cream HD to Centella Asiatica and BB cream with Ginseng, for a result zero defects.


CENTELLA ASIATICA (HERB of the Tiger): anti-ageing powerful containing ASIATICOSIDES and MADECASSOSIDES, it stimulates the cellular renewal and strengthens the skin barrier. YAM FROM KOREA OR ROOT OF DIOSCOREA JAPONICA: RICH IN BETA CAROTENE, VITAMIN C AND B6 AND ANTIOXIDANTS, IT STIMULATES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION, HELP TO PREVENT THE APPEARANCE OF WRINKLES AND STRENGTHENS THE SKIN BARRIER. OAT extract: Rich in SILICIC acid and ZINC, it increases the Visco-ELASTICITY of the skin and help has the firm.


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