Erborian 123 Detox

123 Erborian Detox is a lot of care for combination to oily skin.
Manufacturer: Erborian
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Erborian Cleansing cream 15 ml


Erborian offers a range of treatments inspired by Korean traditional beauty methods.

Cleansing cream cleanser face to 7 herbs transforms makeup in a purifying moment.

Its creamy and dense texture turns into cleanser in contact with water for a gentle thorough cleaning.

Skin is freed from impurities, refreshed the brilliance found, it NET.


Cleaner, combination skin cream.

operating tips

Apply the cream on your face with your fingers, in a light circular motion, rinse.

Erborian Cream Scrub 15 ml


The Cream Scrub to Erborian is a micro Exfoliating Scrub. The delicious texture of this Erborian treatment helps eliminate by mechanical bearings impurities and dead every day, cells to reveal a like new skin. Skin looks visibly sharper, smoother, brighter, and the texture of the skin visibly refined.


the micro scrub.

operating tips

Apply morning or evening on face and neck, on wet skin, and rinse.


grass of Tiger, Rosemary, Chamomile, Japanese knotweed, liquorice, skullcap, tea green.

Erborian sponge Konjac charcoal bamboo


Erborian sponge Konjac coal from bamboo is a cleansing facial sponge.

Bamboo charcoal has properties matifying.


Sponge cleaning matifying.

operating tips

Allow sponge to soak up water and apply directly on the face by light circular movements.


Konjac fiber, bamboo charcoal.

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