Equalya shower cream milk moisturizing Aloe Vera Shea butter 200ml

Milky shower with aloe vera and Shea cream.
Manufacturer: Equalya


SKU 3134652


Equalya shower cream is a milky and moisturizing cream made from mare's milk. Mare's milk is a real asset to your beauty. Found in its composition of the elements that have an analogy with the components of the skin. It allows the cell reconstitution, and preserves the balance of your skin. This cream contains aloe vera and Shea who bring softness and hydration to your skin. The Equalya range complies with the Charter bio Ecocert and Cosmebio.

Tips to use:

A daily use in the shower or the bath.


Includes the mare's milk, aloe vera and shea butter. It is guaranteed GMO-free, without synthetic perfume, without salts of aluminum, paraben and phenoxyethanol.


Shower 200 ml cream

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