Equalya Gourmand raspberry 200ml Shower Gel

Shower gel greedy to the horse to the scent of raspberry milk.
Manufacturer: Equalya


SKU 3134651


This greedy shower gel of the Equalya brand is formulated of mare's milk. Mare's milk contains nutrients that participates in the balance of the skin. It is also known since antiquity for its protective properties. The composition of mare's milk has many similarities to the constituents of the skin. It therefore provides the skin natural elements constituting it. The Equalya range complies with the Charter bio Ecocert and Cosmebio.

Tips to use:

A daily use in the shower or the bath.


Includes the mare's milk, aloe vera and raspberry extracts. It is guaranteed GMO-free, without synthetic perfume, without salts of aluminum, paraben and phenoxyethanol.


Shower gel 200 ml

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