Epitact pulp horns microfibre Epithelium 26 size S

prevents and relieves the pain at the end of the toes.

Manufacturer: Epitact

SKU: 4814076 Epitact pulp horns microfibre Epithelium 26 size S

Properties Epitact horns pulp microfibre Epithelium:

26 epithelium is a silicone gel patented by podiatrists whose mechanical and viscoelastic properties are close to that of the subcutaneous tissues. It distributes loads and decreases friction.

Epithelium 26 gel is inserted between 2 layers of fabric for a better resistance to wear and tear. Low thickness, the finger COTS cause hindrance in shoes. the smaintient is ideal thanks to the elasticity of materials.

It is advisable to use it to prevent and relieve the douelurs at the end of the toes or fingers and limit the formation of pulp body.

life Epitact horns Pulpaires microfibre Epithelium:

If you maintain them properly, you proterez daily for 1 or 2 months.