Epitact Protection tibial Epithelium 29

Pain, overheating, Burns, blisters at the level of the areas of support of the tibia on the shoe

Manufacturer: Epitact

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SKU: 7727739 Epitact Protection tibial Epithelium 29

plate 10 x 10 cm.


Pain. heating burns. bulbs at the level of the supporting areas of the shoe or other tibia (Shin guards...).

How does it work?

Ideal for skiers. snowboarders sports mountain roller man. footballer... Mitigation of the consequences of shocks on the tibia in combat sports. The 29TM Epithelium is a material whose characteristics are similar to human tissues. It distributes pressure and banish the friction. Saving (2.2 mm thick). This protection does not interfere in the shoe. Peels without pain even on hairy areas.


This protection can withstand at least 30 washes without qualities are altered.