Epitact Kit anti-fissures knuckles cracked damaged cream + Digitube 1S + 1M

Epitact cream promotes the regeneration of the epidermis by combating crevices that are very painful hands dehydration-related cracks.
Manufacturer: Epitact
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SKU 4787913 Epitact Kit Anti-Crevasses Phalanges Abimes Fissures Crme + Digitube 1S+1M


A triple action proves its effectiveness:

-The cream hydrate by the presence of polysaccharide limiting the drying of the skin - the epithelium 26 protects the skin from assault in now the cream at the level of the phalanges

- the presence of thymol and Mimosa extract repair tissue damaged.

directions for use:

Slide Digitube Kit anti-fissures Phalanges damaged cracked Epitact on the finger near the crack, face gel outwards.

Remove a DAB of cream Epitact on the Phalanx and return the Digitube on the Phalanx.


2 digitubes and 1 tube of 10 ml.