Epitact horns Pulpaires Epithelium 26S size x 2

The adjustable finger COTS to the Epithelium 26 of Epitact can relieve the pain related to dorsal horns associated with pulp horns.

Manufacturer: Epitact

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SKU: 4814107 Epitact horns Pulpaires Epithelium 26S size x 2


Relieves the pain associated with the pulp horns and blue nail ingrown nail. The maintenance is ideal thanks to the elasticity of the material and the flexibility of the sleeves. Gel Epithellium 26 is inserted between 2 layers of fabric on the finger for a better resistance to wear and tear. Washable by hand, water and SOAP and reusable.

directions for use:

Life: 1 to 2 months depending on conditions of use. Size: 23 mm diameter


Silicone gel patented


Lot of 2 microfibre