Epitact Corrective orthosis size S

Delays, relieves and corrects the foot deformity

Manufacturer: Epitact



SKU: 9979391 Epitact Corrective orthosis size S


The daily wear of the Corrective orthosis allows to correct and to limit the development of hallux valgus while relieving pain joints. by its flexible patented design and ultra fine integrating Epithelium Flex, the corrective brace technology fits easily into all shoes. Unlike the rigid Orthotics, it is when walking on all the factors worsening the strain. if you care for it properly, you will wear every day for several months.

the external tendon patented silicone Epithelium Flex
  • allows you to straighten the big toe. The level of the correction is adjustable with a more or less strong tension on the tendon.
  • the external tendon Epithelium Flex also allows to absorb the pressures on the Exostosis (onion) and thus relieve pain.
  • the lozenge Epithelium creates a comfortable stop gear support with the shoe and allows to push 1st metatarsal.
  • the metatarsal restraint strap end extra, allows to limit the crushing and enlargement of the forefoot.


Washable and reusable, bag of lavae provided the orthosis should not be used where the big toe is more mobile laterally.