Epitact brace Proprioceptive flexible inch painful left hand size M

Helps to relieve the pains of the base of the thumb ( rhizarthrose) minimizing the traumatic passive micro-mobilisations
Manufacturer: Epitact


SKU 6426013 Epitact orthosis Proprioceptive flexible inch painful left hand size M


Epitact orthosis Proprioceptive soft thumb pain left hand allows during the day to retain the full functionality of the hand. It helps to relieve joint pain from the base of the thumb (rhizarthrose) minimizing the traumatic passive micro-mobilisations. It is complementary to the rigid Orthotics best suited to a port night.

during the day, the thumb seems to rest while he moves constantly with the hands moving in space. These repeated micro-mobilisations are harmful and are one of the triggers of painful inflammatory relapses. The Epitact brace opens the commissure to hold the thumb in the rest position. Now the local heat thanks to the properties of its fabric and its tendon silicone, it has an effect analgesic.

Fine and unobtrusive the orthosis allows to continue to wear your jewelry. Without scratch, it does not damage clothes. It is machine washable at 40 .

comes in several sizes :
-S: 13-14.9 cm,
-M: 15-16.9 cm,
-L: 17-19 cm.

directions for use:

Donning the orthosis on the hand by dragging the thumb in its location. The seam should position itself inside the hand.


Brace for painful thumb. Left hand.

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