Emulsion smooth argan Galénic infinite 50ml

Has dry skin nutrition argan oil
Manufacturer: Galénic
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SKU 6003078 Emulsion smooth argan Galénic infinite 50ml

melting and soothing, it wraps your skin in extreme comfort and protects it from the effects of the weather. Genuine "gold of the desert" Moroccan argan oil is a rare asset to the exceptional nutritional, remedial and anti-aging qualities. Pioneers and experts of its use in dermo-cosmetics for over 25 years.

Galénic laboratories focus and increasing his power in creanet a unique and precious argan oil, enriched with vitamin E antioxidant. Associated with safflower oil, she repairs, envelope and intensely protects your skin. Added to the sensory pleasure of a rich cream to the "cotton" effect, is the delicacy of a perfume enveloping.

the Pierre Fabre Laboratoites have a rigorous approach to the dermo-cosmetics, based on its culture pharmaeutique. This laboratory is advised by the phramaciens but also by es dermatologists. Galenic laboratories are specialized in three areas: skin, assets and the dosage. All elaborate care come from expertise and innovative research enabling them to be innovative and effective.

operating tips:
Apply morning and/or evening on face and neck.

keeps 6 months after opening.

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