Embryolisse cream 365 firming body lotion 200ml


SKU 4471179 Embryolisse 365 firming body cream


this treatment is specially formulated for complete hydration of the body while smoothing it and providing firmness.

The concentration of assets used in this treatment allows a triple action to feed, tone and firm, smooth and thin skin.

After using the skin is toned, elastic, plump, firm, soft and smooth.

It penetrates quickly and easily including grace its gel texture.


Applied all over the body previously cleaned and dried 1 to 2 times per day.

For effective action, it is important to ebien emphasise areas more released as the belly, thighs or arms.


365 laboratories Embryolisse body firming cream should be used within 6 months following its opening.


Hyaluronic acid, natural vegetable oils of sandalwood, Lige and barley, wheat proteins, extracts of guarana caffeine, Shea butter, beeswax-rich.Complex symdiol 68 paraben free preservative.

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