Embryolisse anti-aging Serum redensifying 30ml

Concentrate reactivation of youth, packed, smooth and plumps
Manufacturer: Embryolisse
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SKU: 9696977 Embryolisse anti-aging Serum redensifying 30ml

Overview : mature skin reactivation youth concentrate height - smooth - plumps in this bottle, a heavy concentration of reactivator assets of youth. Redensifiants: the Metabiotic and vitamin E, powerful regenerating and anti oxidants, promote collagen production and preserve the elastin. straightening and repulpants: hyaluronic acid, high-dose, binds water in the epidermis. Cutaneous architecture is consolidated, the re-substancee skin, she finds material and firmness, swelling and rebound. The oval is sharper, the erased lines and wrinkles smoothed. Lightening: the complexion is brighter and uniform. Is the face that rejuvenates day after day. Serum gelled emollient. operating tips : apply morning and/or evening on the face, under the cream on clean, dry skin. Daily or cures in regular. formula : COMPOSITION: Metabiotic (resveratrol - polyphenols from grape - coupled to a yeast), vitamin E, acid hyaluronic. Paraben free developed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.