Embryolisse anti-aging firming 50ml cream

SKU: 7843440 Embryolisse anti-aging firming 50 ml cream

Overview : corrective care installed rides - upon 40 years all skin types this treatment acts on all fronts of aging with dermatological assets (collagen and hyaluronic acid) which strengthen the support structure of the skin, natural plant extracts which increase cell cohesion and anti-free free vitamins, integrated into a non-greasy nutrient base. By restoring the material to the skin, it re-inflates the, and the smooth. More elastic and toned, hydrated and nourished, the skin is visibly strengthened, smoothed wrinkles, the contours of the face are sharper. The skin is immediately soft and satiny, gradually she finds a new air of youth. operating tips : apply morning and/or evening on clean, dry skin. Spread by massages sweet without support, let it penetrate. formula: collagen soluble, acid hyaluronic, sweet almond and avocado oils, vitamins A, E and F, Shea butter, beeswax. Complex conservative symdiol 68T without parabens. developed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.