Elteans cream 50ml dry skin

Elteans cream is a protective and moisturizing care for dry and atopic skin.

Manufacturer: Jaldes

SKU: 6174764 Jaldes Elteans cream 50 ml dry skin


Elteans cream of the Jaldes laboratory is a specific treatment for dry skin with atopic tendency. It is enriched with fatty acid to preserve the skin's protective barrier. The film hydrolipidic cuutane is restored and preserved. The skin is thus protected from external aggressions. Particularly cold. This treatment is also recommended for protection against skin aging. Dry and atopic skin is hydrated and soothed.


Dry skin with atopic tendency. Face and body.

operating tips

Apply one to three times per day depending on your needs. Elteans cream can be applied on the face and body.


Cream essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids care. Emulsion oil in water, rich in agents moisturizers, 16 per cent of plant and marine oils (omega 3 and 6) and 17 per cent of excipients refattening and emollients.