Elteans 60 capsules

Food supplement based on of essential fatty acids.

Manufacturer: Jaldes

SKU: 6636070 Jaldes Elteans


Elteans capsules contain a combination of oils rich in essential fatty acids for supplements balanced omega-3 and omega-6.


Needs, 1 to 4 capsules per day. 2 months to renew Cures.


Salmon oil, Borage Oil, envelope: gelatine extracted from fish, purified water, envelope: glycerol (snas GMO) soy-carrot oil, colouring: caramel/starch syrup, conservative antioxidants: vitamin E natural.

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Composition in MG per capsule of ELTEANS:

Zalmolie: 200 mg / EPA 17 mg / DHA 19 mg

Bernageolie: 170mg / GLA 40 mg

soy-wortelolie: 30 mg

vitamin E: 2mg

energy value for a capsule: 17.29 kj (4.13 kcal)