Elmex wire dental wax Mint 50 m

Wire dental wax for perfect oral hygiene.
Manufacturer: Elmex


SKU 0806002 Elmex wire dental wax Mint 50 m


the wire dental elmex is the perfect complement to your daily brushing it is waxed, impregnated of fluoride of amines Olafluor, which attaches to the enamel teeth during cleaning. Amines Olafluor fluoride strengthens the enamel and protects acid attacks so cavities. It has a pleasant Mint scent. The wire dental eliminated thus food residues and prevents the inflammation of the gums. Dental floss cleans deep inaccessible places in brushing ensures you optimal oral hygiene.

Tips for using Elmex FLOSS waxed Mint:

cut a part of dental floss, gently pull it between the teeth gently. Use preferably after brushing.

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