Elmex toothpaste child Lot of 2 x 50ml

toothpaste child Elmex. rich in fluorine, it prevents the occurrence of caries

Manufacturer: Elmex

SKU: 89885803 Elmex toothpaste child 2x50ml


milk teeth must also benefit from daily brushing even if they are temporary: first, because they may be victims of caries and also because it get used of the youngest age your child to a healthy dental. rich in fluorine Elmex toothpaste child brings optimal oral hygiene and prevents the appearance of the caries.

usable of the first teeth up to 6 years.

composition of Elmex toothpaste child:

toothpaste contains:


it strengthens tooth enamel and helps fight against acid attacks responsible for caries. It also decreases the transformation of (consumed in greater numbers by children) food sugars into acids.

a not fruity thus avoiding children of eat it as a candy.