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Elmex toothpaste 75ml Erosion Protection

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SKU 9939121 Elmex toothpaste 75 ml Erosion Protection

Overview : erosion Protection reinforces enamel and protects against the loss of email. technology ChitoActive. amines. Olafluor fluoride dental erosion is the loss of tooth enamel caused by direct contact with the teeth with changes for example acids by drinks, food from the stomach (gastric juices). These acids can weaken the tooth enamel and gradually dissolve. A tooth brushing after consuming acidic foods can accentuate the loss of enamel weakened. dental erosion is a growing problem. About a third of the population is affected. Dental erosion can make teeth less white, translucent and more sensitive. scientific studies have shown that toothpaste Elmex Protection Erosion, with its technology ChitoActive containing chitosan, chloride of Tin and the amines Olafluor fluoride, provides effective erosion. dental protection it has been proven that the Erosion Protection Elmex toothpaste protects more dental than classic toothpaste erosion. During brushing, ChitoActive technology favours the precipitation of the active principles ser dental surfaces, thereby strengthening them against acid attacks erosive repeated. Erosion Protection Elmex toothpaste :-Strengthens the enamel of the teeth. -Makes enamel more resistant to the erosive acid attacks. -also Protects against losses weakened tooth enamel, when brushing the teeth. amines Olafluor fluoride also helps to prevent the onset of cavities.

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